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PadSubmit 1.1
Created by Willems Davy
What's new?
- Cleaned up the sites.ini file, removing all none working sites
- Added a very minimalistic sites.ini editor, so you can add your own pad sites !

What is it?
PadSubmit is an automated pad submitting program. It will submit your pad files to 71 freeware/shareware websites. You can view the submitting results afterwards. It is mainly used by programmers that want to distribute their programs around using a simple system.

How do i use it?
You open the program, specify your connection method and then enter your pad file url for example http://www.willemssoft.be/pad/padsubmit.xml. Once you have done this all you have to do is press the submit button and the program will start the submitting proces. After the program has finished submitting you can view the results by selecting a site and pressing the "view selected result" button. (or you check out the html files in the "results" folder)
The program will detect if a submission was succesfull, meaning that the ubmitted program from the pad file is either updated or listed as a new program, or if it has failed, that there wasn't a catergory found in the pad file that matches the ones on the pad site, there was a connection problem, or the submission timed out. There's also an option to start from a certain site number in case you want to resume from a certain point. Timeout is used to specify how many seconds the application waits before it submits another program, this is only used to speed up the submission of pad urls that no longer work. Threads is used to specify how many pad files you want to submit in one time. Please note that depending on the website's download speed and internet connection you might have to increase the timeout value. With me 30 seconds is still sufficient with 10 threads but that doesn't mean it will be with you.

What are Pad files?
A Pad file is basically an xml file that describes your program and using the pad file you can then submit this information to multiple freeware shareware software sites. It's used so that you only have to enter your program details once and for ease of updating your programs information on websites. More information about pad files can be found here : http://www.padspec.org/padfaq.php

How do i create a pad file?
You don't have to manually create an xml file for your program, there exist freeware programs for creating them The one that i suggest on using is padgen availible here : http://www.padgen.org

if you like this program very much how can u help me?
There are 2 ways to help,
1) make a small donatation using paypal the donate button.
2) placing a link to http://www.willemssoft.be on your website

Future releases?
Add an autoupdating option for the availible pad sites.

PadSubmit is freeware and free to use for anyone. No money may be asked for the program itself.

if you just started your padkit website, don't forget to send me your website url so i can add it to the program.