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Padkit Site Updater 1.0
Created by Willems Davy
What's new?
- Changed to Http post method instead of Get, the program will now work with all padkit enabled websites as long as the checkadd.php still exists on your padkit website.
- Uses indy components now with threads, this means faster submission speed and more submissions at once.
- Gotten rid of the website preview window, it's no longer needed because of the multiple threads and the change to indy components.
- The proxy test has become a thread on it's own as well.

What is it?
Padkit Site updater is a program for webmasters running a padkit pad website. It is used to automatically populate the pad database starting from a text files with links to pad files. The program will then submit these links the specified padkit site. It's extremely usefull if you just started your padkit website and want to have some programs listed for starting.

How do i use it?
The program will detect if a submission was succesfull, meaning that the submitted program from the pad file is either updated or listed as a new program, or if it has failed, that there wasn't a catergory found in the pad file that matches the ones on your padkit site, there was a connection problem, or the submission timed out. There's also an option to start from a certain site number in case you want to resume from a certain point. Timeout is used to specify how many seconds the application waits before it submits another program, this is only used to speed up the submission of pad urls that no longer work. Threads is used to specify how many pad files you want to submit in one time. Please note that depending on your website's download speed and internet connection you might have to increase the timeout value. With my padkit website 30 seconds is still sufficient with 10 threads but that doesn't mean it will be with yours.

What is Padkit?
Padkit is package to start your own pad enabled software site. You can get this package here http://www.asp-shareware.org/pad/webmasters.asp

Where do i find links to Pad files?
You can get them in a text file format from here : http://www.wapti.com/repository just select a catergory save the output in a text file and then open it with padkit site updater.

Future releases?
I might include an option to download a text file with padfiles with the listings from my padkit website.

Padkit Site updater is freeware and free to use for anyone. No money may be asked for the program itself.