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Waternet 1.1
Created by Willems Davy
What is it
Waternet is a puzzle game where you to connect pipes to each other so that water flows through it. You can do this depending on the game mode in 3 ways : by sliding rows and columns, rotating invidual pipes or by doing both at the same time. Waternet has 3 difficulties each difficulty has 2 grid sizes and 20 static levels which makes a total of 180 static levels. Besides static levels there's also a random mode for each difficulty where levels will be generated on the fly for u to play.

How to use
Arrow keysSelect next menu item, game mode or difficulty, move the selector around in the game mode.
Buttons Space, EnterProceed with the selected menu item, game mode or difficulty. Rotate a piece or slide a piece when being pressed on the arrows.
Esc(ape)Goto previous menu / Quit game at title screen
Pageup/Pagedown Change skin, this can be done anywhere in the game.
Numpad Plus Increase Volume
Numpad Minus Decrease Volume

The Game Modes
Rotating: U need to complete the waternet by only rotating indivual tubes.
Sliding: U need to complete the waternet by only sliding rows and colums. U slide a column by pressing a button while being on the arrow keys
Sliding+Rotating: Combines the 2 previous game modes in one game so u need to slide and rotate to complete the waternet.

General use
U first see the intro and are then presented with the titlescreen where you can select the option u want. After selecting "play" u get to choose the game type and the level type. You are then presented with the level selector. If u had chosen a static level (easy,medium,hard,tutorial) u can view all the other levels by pressing left and right. If u had chosen a random level a new level will be generated by pressing left or right. Just press space to play the level.

About skins:
For creating skins just change the graphic files to your liking (it doesn't have to be all of them but it's possible,you can for example change just the tubes.png and tubesconnected.png file) and place it in a folder named after your skin in the skins folder. You can also create a (linux) text file named color.txt in the skins directory and change the rgb values for the text color. Just look at the included samples.
If you have created some skins feel free to tell me about it on my forums or on the gp2x forums, i'll gladly host them on my webserver !

A level editor is included to create custom levels. You need to name the levels Level1.lev, Level2.lev, .... and place them in the "custom" directory, in the levels directory of the game type u created the level for.
for example ./levels/sliding/custom/ if u created a custom level for the Sliding game type. Read the notes the first time you start the level editor and you are good to go. You control the level editor with the mouse, u click on a tile to select it and then u click on the spot where the tile needs to come and thats it.

About the Windows size:
Waternet was originally made for a machine that has a 320x240 resolution, the windows version runs by default in 640x480. However you can increase (or decrease) the size of the window by passing a parameter to the waternet.exe file. This parameter has to be an integer number that defines the scalefactor with which the orginal screensize will be doubled.
for example
running "waternet.exe 3" will make the game run at (3x320)x(3x240) = 960x720
running "waternet.exe 4" will make the game run at (4x320)x(4x240) = 1020x960
the maximum number u can specify is 10. Of course as far as i know there are no screens yet that handle such resolutions.

Waternet is created by willems davy Willems Soft 2007.
Default skin graphics are made by me!

The music is taken from the internet using this site :
http://www.midisite.co.uk/midi_search/ and was named techrap1 & techrap2 by unknown composer.

The game is based on simon thatham's puzzle collection, availible here :

A Big thanks goes out to nagelfar for pointing out how i could generate levels programaticly, i didn't know the solutions were just a maze.

Another thanks goes out to [M]att, Aniruddha and LeoS for testing out the game.

Another BIG BIG THANKS goes out to Fusion_Power who had some great idea's on how to improve the game,and kept me motived on changing the stuff he requested. He also made some great looking skins which are included in the game. So if your playing the game with one of his skins, be sure to thank him as well !

Waternet is freeware, no money can be asked for it, you may place this game on any cdrom, dvd or whatever you like as long as you are only charging money for the distribution costs and not the game itself !

Support your developers
If you like this game please donate me a small amount of money even if it is just 5$ it will help me out.

Found a bug have a problem ?
report them at the willems soft forums here :