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Dynamate 1.0
Created by Willems Davy
What is it
Dynamate is a game originally made by Björn Kalzen and Jonas Norberg. It is a puzzle game where you have to try to remove colored pieces from the playfield by letting them collide with another specific colored piece. There are pieces that are stuck to the playfield, moveable pieces and special pieces like color changes, direction rotators, teleporters, ... The game can have upto 25 of custom OGG/MOD music files, has a built in level editor and support for joysticks !

How to play
Joystick Button 1,3,6
Select A menu
Vol+,Vol- Change Volume
Joystick Button 9,10, Numpad +, Numpad - 
X + Direction
Joystick Button 3 + Direction
When over a moveable piece move the piece in the selected direction, The cursor will move with the piece.
A + Direction,Space + Direction
Joystick Button 1 + Direction
When over a moveable piece move the piece in the selected direction, The cursor will not move with the piece.
Escape, Joystick Button 6Bring up the menu during gameplay.
L,Pagedown Joystick Button 4Select Previous part in the level editor
R,Pageup Joystick Button 5Select Next part in the level editor

Gameplay Basics (from flavor's readme)
- Pieces that have a ring around them are stuck to the playfield.
- Pieces that do not have a ring are mobile/movable.

- To move a piece, place your cursor over it, hold the A or X button, and push the directional pad in the direction you want to push the piece.
- If you use the A button, the cursor will stay still.
- If you use the X button, the cursor will follow the marble.

- To eliminate a marble, you must hit it with the proper color marble. Then all marbles involved in the collision will be eliminated.
- A green marble will eliminate a blue marble.
- A blue marble will eliminate a red marble.
- A red marble will eliminate a green marble.
- A purple marble will eliminate any color marble.
- Any color marble (except yellow) will eliminate a yellow marble.

- You may eliminate more than one marble with a single marble push by using a chain effect.
- An example of a chain effect is if you had pushed a green marble toward a line of 3 blue marbles. Then all four (the green and the 3 blues) will be eliminated.

Dynamate Is created by
Willems Davy Aka Joyrider
Willems Soft 2008

Music is created by donskeeto !
Thanks man, for everything you've done so far !

The game uses certain graphics and sounds from flavor's GP32 Version.
A big thanks goes out to him for sending the GP32 version's source
code. It gave me some more insights on how certain things worked !
Flavor's GP32 Version can be found here:
The sounds used by flavor's GP32 version were created by DJ Tilzs.
Flavor's GP2X Page can be found here:

Orginal game was created by Jonas Norberg and Björn Kalzén.
The gp2x version uses code from this game as well as modified (piece) graphics.

Thanks to frefol for the very generous donation, which made me able to buy a cradle and include support for external joysticks in this game and the games that will follow! He also (beta) tested the game a lot !
The two included userlevels face and line are also created by him !

Questions & Support
Use the forums !

14/04/2008- Added option to redefine the joystick button functions
(ver 1.1)- The cursor can now move diagonally, with the keyboard and external joysticks
 - Added an icon
 - Added frefol's face and line userlevels.
08/04/2008- Initial Release.
(ver 1.0)