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Jump'n bumping (Port) 1.51
Created by Many people
What is it
Jump n bumpin Was orignally a multiplayer game, over time AI got added and a few ports have been made. This port is based on the port from Florian Schulze.
I made this game into a single player game for the gp2x by doing some small modifactions and adding gp2x input handling. You play with one of the bunny's and the aim of the game is to "bump" the other bunnies, you do this by jumping on their head. You need to get 50 bumps as fast as possible, before the cpu players do. You can play customn levels and even make your own. To get more Levels please visit http://www.jumpbump.mine.nu/.

How to install
Copy the jumpnbump map to any place on your SD Card then run "jumpnbump.gpe" if you are using the default menu. If you are using gmenu2x you should run "jumpnbump" and enable the wrapper function.

How To play
L : Exits the game, or return to the menu / Scorebord
Joystick left/right : Move the bunny
Button A : Jump

Customn Levels
Get customn levels from here: http://www.jumpbump.mine.nu

You need to extract the "dat" file from the archive and place it in the data directory. You then need to either make a script to run the custom levels for example :

./jumpnbump data/level.dat
cd /usr/gp2x
exec ./gp2xmenu

where level.dat is the level you installed.

It's much easier if you are using gmenu2x. You can set up the browser.Enable the browser and Set the browser directory to the "installed directory/data" directory and add the browser filter "dat". When u have done this correctly gmenu2x will let you choose which levelset you want to play.

Known problems:
There is one problem on the gp2x which i could not fix. It was the fading of the messages on the menu. I edited so that the pallete doesn't rotate. You won't notice this on the default menu. But on other levelsets's menu you could probably see some black borders. But that's only on the menu, ingame everything runs fine.

GP2X Port by willems Davy - Willems Soft

Orginal game by Brainchild Design in 1998

Original SDL Linux port by Chuck Mason

Fixed SDL version by Florian Schulze (this is the port where the game is based on).

AI functions By Ricardo Cruz.

and many more people. Read the included authors file.