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Znax 1.0
Created by Willems Davy
What is it
Znax is a remake of a game by Nick Kouvaris. It is a sort of puzzle / arcade game where you as the player need to select 4 blocks of the same color and form rectangles as big as you can. By doing this you will erase all blocks in this square and they will be replaced by new blocks. You keep on doing this till the time runs out, and try to gain your highest score possible. There are two game modes, Relative timer and fixed Timer, in the first mode you'll also gain extra time for deleting blocks so you can play longer if you are fast enough. With the second mode you don't get extra time for deleting blocks but just points added to your score so here you try to get the highest amount of points in the given time period. The game Has support for up to 25 additional mod or ogg music files and skin support !

How to install
Copy the Znax directory somewhere on your SD Card and run znax.gpe. Gmenu2x users should run "znax" so that the default menu doesn't get restarted, don't forget to enable the wrapper though so that Gmenu2x does get restarted.

How To Play
Joystick: Move in menu's, Move the cursor around while playing.
Joystick + R: In tv out mode this will allaw you to move the screen around to center it on the screen.
BUTTON A,X,Y,B: Select a menu option, Select one block.
Buton L: Load the following skin.
Button R: Load the following music (if more music files have been installed).
Button Select: Quit to menu, Quit game

Entering a highscore name :
Joystick up & down: Cycle through the letters.
Joystick Right: Move to the following letter.
Joystick left: Move to the previous lettter.

To erase a letter you have to choose the whitespace.

If you like this game please consider donating to joyrider3774@hotmail.com
Or visit my website and come place a thank u message on my guestbook.

Bug reports

You can place bug reports about the game on the willems Soft Forums here

or email me them to Willems.davy@willemssoft.be

Original (flash) Game Created by Nick Kouvaris

Gp2x Game Created by Willems Davy
Willems Soft 2007

Music is made by Donskeeto!
Thanks man