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Lbreakout (Port) 1.0
Created by Michael Speck / Willems Davy
What is it:
This is a port of lbreakout for the gp2x, it's a breakout game with everything such games needs.
It's also my first attempt to port a game to the gp2x !

These are the things i added / changed :
- Removed option to select full screen / windowed mode, it stays on windowed since trying to run something "fullscreen on the gp2x" makes the game crash.
- Added functions to handle gp2x buttons. In the same basic layout as the game originally used.
- Added sync(); command to make sure all data is written to the SD card.
- fixed a really small bug with high scores not being able to be saved, at least it wouldn't until i made the change
- Changed default player name / profile to "GP2X"
- Added default buttons for the gp2x (they can not be changed)

copy the lbreakout folder anywhere on your sd card and run lbreakout.gpe, gmenu2x users should run lbreakout and make gmenu2x restart when the game ends (the wrapper thingie)

Button A & B : Select an option in the menu's, Start the ball movement, shoot bullets with the weapon special
Button L/R or joystick : move the paddle, move in menu's / change settings.
Button Select : quit the current game after confirmation (Button A confirms, Button X cancels)
Button Start : Pauses the game
Button Y : Suicide (restart)
Button Vol+/Vol- : Change the volume (during the game itself, not in the menu's)

I couldn't figure out how the font graphics worked, modifying those images made the game segfault, and the code wasn't clear to me so i couldn't change the fontsize.
I also didn't do anything graphics related since the game was orginally 450x325 and SDL scales it down automaticly to 320x240. And thats in my opinion good enough.
It's also the reason why the text in the game seems distorted because it's scaled down. If anyone figures out how the fonts work feel free to modify it. So the text becomes

Ported by Willems Davy
Willems Soft 2007

Game author: Michael Speck