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MazeThingie 1.0
Created by Willems Davy
What is it
Mazethingie is just a little maze game that i created to test out the level generating part of waternet. It generates mazes and it's up to you go from the startpoint to the endpoint of the maze. You can specify a maze size of up to 63x47 which is quite hard to solve if u ask me !

How to play
You start at the titlescreen where u select how big the maze should be and then u press play. U'll start at the lower right corner of the maze and you need to go to the upper left corner of the maze.
Joystick Menu Selection, Movement around the maze.
Buttons Proceed with selected menu item, Generate a new maze while being in game mode.
Start Restart the current maze.
Select Go back to the title screen / Quick Quit.
R1 + joystick Move the screen in tv out mode while being on the titlescreen to counteract overscan.

Mazethingie is created by willems davy Willems Soft 2007 and is freeware.

Support your developers
If you like this game please donate me a small amount of money even if it is just 5$ it will help me out.

Found a bug have a problem ?
report them at the willems soft forums here :