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Checkers 1.0
Created by Willems Davy
What is it
Well you probably all know checkers or draughts as it sometimes called.
It's a bord game where u have to try to capture all the pieces of the opponent by jumping over them in a diagonal direction. This is my version of checkers that uses the official rules with a cpu player. It's the first time i tried to create a computer ai but i believe i succeeded pretty well since i find him quite hard to win from. I've included 4 difficulty options and an option to enable or disable the jump heuristic. The last option let the cpu player behave a little bit diffrent so u basicly have 8 cpu players to play against.

Installation is simple just copy over the Checkers folder to your sd card If you are using the default menu run the checkers.gpe script, it will relaunch the default menu after the game has quit. If you are using gmenu2x create a link to the checkers (not checkers.gpe) and enable the wrapper option so that gmenu2x will restart after the game quits.

How To Play
A:Select an item in the menu. Select / Deselect a piece
Select:Quit To TitleScreen, Quit the game.
Joystick:Change the item in the menu and options screen. Move Piece in the chosen direction when a piece is selected.
R1 + Joystick:In Tv Out Mode Reposition the game screen to counteract overscan.

Game Rules
The game uses the official checkers rules:
-You must take a piece whenever u can
-You can not take pieces backwards unless the piece is crowned
-A piece that reaches the last row on the other side of the board gets crowned and the turn ends.
-Crowned pieces can only move 1 spot at a time, they can not "fly" over diagonals!
-If a player can not move any of his pieces, he loses the game

Checkers is made by Willems Davy, Also known as Joyrider.
All Graphics are made by me using Paint Shop Pro 7.
Music is the "Checkers Rag" by Harry J. Lincoln (1913) taken from http://primeshop.com/midlist3.htm

The easy or very easy cpu player somtimes repeats moves near the end of a game. It's because the cpu player only looks 1 or 2 moves ahead and has reached his goals. I haven't found a solution for this since increasing the moves he looks ahead will also increase the difficulty.

When u select the very hard player, the cpu player has to think a few seconds before he makes a move, this is normal, the harder the cpu player the more time he will need to think.

If you like this game, please consider donating, it doesn't matter how much u donate. If you don't feel like donating then place a link to my website on your website.