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Dynamate 1.1by Willems Davy

Dynamate is a game originally made by Björn Kalzen and Jonas Norberg. It is a puzzle game where you have to try to remove colored pieces from the playfield by letting them collide with another specific colored piece. There are pieces that are stuck to the playfield, moveable pieces and special pieces like color changes, direction rotators, teleporters, ... The game can have upto 25 of custom OGG/MOD music files and has a built in level editor

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FBGrab Deamon 1.0by Willems Davy / Gunnar Monell

Fbgrab is a program that lets you take screenshots from games and emulators.I made the fbgrab program into a deamon so that it keeps running in the background and listens for a certain keypress (specified in the keyconfig file), if the key (combination) has been pressed it will make a screenshot of whatever you are currently seeing on the Caanoo screen.

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